Tips to Prevent Acne from Coming Back

Most of the people never get a permanent solution from acne. Even though some of the cosmetics products and acne medications you use can make you happy at times, when you are using them. You may find your acne returning just after you have stopped using these products. You will find new acne emerging after you have treated your old acne. Then what can you do to prevent its coming back. Acne treatment doesn’t stops just by using an acne treatment product. There are many steps that you have to follow in daily skin care regimen in order to prevent reemerging of acne. Let us see what they are.

There are many dos and don’t s that you have to follow while treating your acne. One of the most essential steps you have to adopt while treating your acne is washing your face twice a day. This skin care regimen should not be avoided in any case. All the treatments you employ for clearing out acne will work only if your skin is removed from impurities like oil, dead cells, dirt, bacteria etc. so step out to buy an effective cleanser which is mild and non irritant. It is better to choose those varieties which doesn’t have many harsh chemicals and try especially those made from natural oils.

Never forget to remove your make ups before you go to sleep. Sleeping without removing makeup is one of the prime reasons behind returning of acne break outs in most of the women. Never use cosmetic products which are old and also never use old make up brushes as all these may carry lot of acne causing germs. Next most important step is washing your hand prior to washing your face. Never pop your pimples. Popping pimples can cause infections to spread resulting in more acne break outs and can also result in slow healing of acne. Wash your pillow covers daily. This step is important to protect you from the attack of germs.

Washing your hair is also very important to prevent acne break outs. The excess of dandruff and dirt in your hair can easily return the acne. So first find a remedy to clear your dandruff problems before starting your acne treatment. Include fresh fruits, vegetables and other antioxidant rich food in your daily diet and try to avoid high glycemic foods. Take your daily bath with acne soap with some natural oil as major constituent. This is good to prevent any future breakouts and healing of acne. You can use acne soaps made from sea buckthorn oil, which has cleansing as well as nourishing effects. Such soaps are available from famous skin care brand Facedoctor.

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  2. i can relate to some of the facts in this post. Ive been healed from acne since I was 27 years old. Those still experiencing from it, I have one thing to say; STAY STRONG!

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